Routine – Tuesday 18th December 2018


I’m at an age where I like my routine. I need to have the same things happen at the same times every day of the week. I getup about 6 now. That’s something our Mistress is very happy about. She was finding 5 a bit early. Then after going outside I have a twenty minute nap before starting to demand my breakfast. I then alternate napping with snuffling at the bottom of the kitchen door until noon when I demand lunch. I then repeat the morning until about 4 when I start to demand my tea, even though our Mistress thinks she doesn’t feed me until 5. The evening is a repeat of the morning and afternoon. Although on a bad day I bark my way through some of the day as well.


Why am I telling you all this? Well as an elderly dog I really don’t like my routine to be broken. I know I go swimming on a Tuesday and I’m sort of ok about that. Usually my vets visits are ones I’ve asked for so I can’t really complain about those. The problem is the Christmas deliveries. It’s not that the doorbell ringing bothers me over much these days.It’s just that since I’ve been sharing a room with Shadow she drives me bonkers. The doorbell rings and Shadow thinks we should all do something about it. She bounces round the kitchen, she bounces on me. She’s a very bouncy sort of dog. Consequently, our Mistress rarely tries to answer the front door.Instead she rushes out of the back door and all the way round the house to the front. It’s easier than being bounced on. I do not have that choice.

Not just once

The deliveries are not just once a day either.Yesterday there were at least three. Today I think we might be expecting the same again. I’m seriously thinking of asking Shadow to go back into her own room, at least until Christmas is out of the way.  

Now to get myself mentally prepared to go swimming. I think I’m taking Aristotle today. I’m just hoping that Shadow can deal with the deliveries while I’m out so we can have peace and quiet when I’m back.


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  1. Hi Alfie, I am a routine sort of a dog too. Please could you have a word with Dilys, lately she has taken to getting up at 3am! to go out. She does go back to sleep but it wakes us all up. What with her poorly foot too my Mum is getting worn out. She thinks logically and says that when we get old whether we are dogs or humans our routines do change and “that is life” but I wish there was an alternative solution to the midnight visits! Enjoy your swimming. Love Dickens XXXX

    • Oh Dickens I do sympathise. Mind you, you wouldn’t believe the upset we have if Aristotle isn’t allowed to go to bed at 9pm each day. He gets very fractious when anything gets in the way. Your mum, on the other paw, well she’s just fractious all the time!

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