Television – Thursday 20th December 2018


When our Master is away the television is not turned on very often, well not at all really. Anyway, when he’s home that change sand we get the chance to sit in the lounge and watch television with them. We can be very annoying. We wait until they have settled and are in the middle of watching something and then one of us asks to go out.

If we take it in turns we can have a very enjoyable evening being annoying. I’m the worst as I just won’t settle anywhere other than the kitchen. Ari is a dog of routine. He was being really annoying. Shadow just gets too excited to be able to be in the lounge and bounces up and down on the settee. Only Wilma goody four paws makes it easy for them to watch anything. The worst she does is ask questions about what they’re watching.

Christmas food

However annoying we are when it comes to the whole television is just nothing compared with how annoying they are. They seem to have bought lots of special foods for Christmas and we aren’t allowed any of them. ‘No Alfie, that’s not for you.’ If I hear that one more time I will just bark. Why would they buy things that they we can’t share in? I’ve offered them one of my Bonios. If it is not good for my health then there is a fair chance it’s not good for them too. Will they listen to me? No. I despair.


Today I’m mostly going to be helping with wrapping presents. I quite like it as it tends to be just the two of us. The others get in the way too much trying to help. You would be amazed just what a mess we can make of a sheet of wrapping paper and some sticky tape.


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