Friday Flashback – Friday 21st December 2018

Friday Flashback

Before I tell you Friday Flashback I really need to tell you the week’s excitement. Mum wasn’t excited, she was just really angry. Anyway, Alfie’s girlfriend Bella emailed him to say she had seen one of his pictures online on someone else’s site. They had only gone and stolen a picture of Alfie to use to advertise their own things. Mum had to fill in lots of forms to prove it was being used illegally and the company hosting their site made them take it down. It’s really not fair when people steal your things.

Anyway, now to look back at previous years.

This is really sweet from 2006 when Alfie was just a year old. It’s funny to think he had to wait until he was seven before he met the girl of his dreams:

Internet Dating for Dogs

I think my first new year’s resolution is to find a girlfriend. I am considering looking into whether there is internet dating for dogs. I do meet other dogs when I am out, but these are mostly boys. There must be some nice girl dogs out there but they just don’t walk in the places I go. I need someone that can cope with my lively, energetic and enthusiastic nature and the fact that I don’t always know my own strength. I’ve given my mistress enough bruises to last a lifetime so it would be no good my finding a really soft sensitive type. I’m pretty much stuck if they want puppies too. I suppose I could look for an older dog that has already had puppies but I think I might be a little too energetic for that. To be honest a girl about my age might be best. I wonder how I should describe myself for an advert.

Then I looked at 2013 when Shadow was about to have her third litter and I just has to bring you the whole post all over again.

A Downside to My New Basket

Shadow has reached the stage of her pregnancy where she does not want to sleep alone. She always gets very clingy when her due date is approaching. She is too big to clamber up onto my Mistress’s bed, but my new basket is very large…and cosy. I went to sleep, minding my own business and woke to find Shadow curled up with me. To be fair, I didn’t mind too much. It is the least I can do to help. My Mistress checked back to last year to see when it was that Shadow started refusing food. It was funny when it happened the first time my Mistress was really worried that she was ill. Then she read lots of things about dogs and pregnancy and found it was perfectly normal.

Pigging out

Anyway, on Thursday Shadow ate as much as she could find. She ate probably 3 ½ to 4 times the amount she would normally eat in a day. She was just and eating machine. Then Friday she didn’t want anything. To be honest after a binge like that I rarely want anything, but that’s not the point. Last year she refused food on the 14th and gave birth on the 19th. This year she has started refusing food on the 20th which would mean if she follows the same pattern she will give birth on the 25th! My Master says he’s known all along that it will be Christmas Day – he says it’s the ‘Rosemary factor’ and things like that always happen to my Mistress. It’s a bit like a butterfly flapping in one part of the world creating a hurricane somewhere else – she is her very own little centre of chaos. More to the point, she’s our very own centre of chaos! Looking on the bright side, at least you won’t all be at work so if things do happen on that day there will be nothing to stop you checking in regularly to see how things are progressing.

Have a really great Friday everyone



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