Apples – Saturday 22nd December 2018


The apples have gone. I’m distraught. I know our Mistress has left the apples she didn’t need on the tree so the birds could eat them, but I’ve spent the last few months pretending to be a bird. The good thing being able to walk on two legs is that with it being only a small tree, I could stand up and take one off whenever I wanted one. I’ve been happily nibbling a little bit of apple each day to supplement my diet and I have to say it has been great. Sadly, yesterday I finished the last one. Oh the birds have been complaining and I can sort of see their point, but to be fair they do have their own table in the front garden too. Now what am I going to do for fruit? I’m wondering if there is some way of advancing next year’s crop so I can start on them sooner.


Never mind Santa Paws, I had an exciting evening yesterday. My brother, Amigo’s human dad is one of my favourite people outside my own family. Anyway, he came to see me and it was just pawsome. I haven’t seen him for ages and to be honest I miss him. We had a lovely cuddle. I may have barked a little bit but nothing more than you’d expect at the excitement. It was a lovely day. Amigo wasn’t with him, so I didn’t see my brother, but he’s ok from what I hear. It would be nice if we could all get together for Christmas. Obviously it’s hard for my real Dad to pop over from Switzerland and I do have half brothers and sisters on his side that I don’t even know. It would be cool if Mum Shadow and all the 22 of us brothers and sisters could get together though. Ah well, I guess it’s not going to happen.

Have a great Saturday



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