Christmas Message – Tuesday 25th December 2018

From the family album - Me, Shadow and Megan (Who looks so like our Wilma) taken in 2010.

Christmas Message

It’s time for my annual Christmas message, so find yourself a comfy spot and let’s begin.

Dear puppies of all ages,

I’m now an elderly dog and I’ve lived through quite a lot. Here is some of what I’ve learnt so far.

Santa Paws is real

Santa Paws will always be as real as you want him to be. Whether you are in England, Belgium, Switzerland or anywhere else, what he stands for will always be worth believing in. He is a stranger to you but he always wants to listen to what you have to say. He gives without expecting to receive. He is cheerful despite all the hard work he has to do. He brings out the best in all those around him.

Santa Paws’s helper

It’s not about the money

Giving is not about the money. Presents are not about impressing someone with how much you can spend. It is more important to impress them with how much you care. The little touches, where you have noticed what the person needs, which may be as simple as a helping paw, will mean more than all that money can buy. A kind word can be more value than gold and generosity of time and spirit worth more than anything money can buy.

The elderly need love too

It’s very easy to love a young animal or human, but none of us stops needing to be loved as we get older. Just because we have gone grey and become whiskery doesn’t mean we don’t need to same feeling of warmth and affection of being loved. Of course a hug now and again is lovely, but even a simple word to say you care can make a very big difference.

We all carry a load

You never know the load that another animal or human is carrying. If they are slow don’t hurry them. If they are snappy, don’t respond in kind but be kind instead. If they are isolated, try to include them, even if that is inconvenient to you. If they are struggling, help them without being asked.

Every one of us can make a difference to those around us. This Christmas, let’s set out to make the world a better place.

Have a wonderful Christmas

With love from

Alfie Dog and of course Shadow, Aristotle and Wilma too

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  1. We love your message, thank you. We hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS in Yorkshire and all Entlebuchers everywhere enjoy the festive season too. Cheers, love Dickens and all my family in Sussex. XXXXXX

    • Thank you. Alfie’s putting his paws up so I’ll wish you a very happy New Year from us all

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