All Home – Thursday 10th January 2019

All home

No sooner than we are all home together than our Mistress starts talking about going on other trips. I don’t think she likes sitting still if truth be told. I, on the other paw, would really like everything to stay the same every single day. I will say that our Mistress was so pleased to see us all that I have had lots of cuddles, a good brush and the requisite photo session. I took the opportunity not to cooperate, which at my age I see as a right. I could show you the outtakes for these photos too as there was a certain amount of howling involved as well.

Shadow and Alfie

Unfortunate timing

The first day of everyone being at home together again is always a little bit fraught. Shadow and I do quite a bit of making our presence felt and well… I’ll leave you to imagine. Anyway, now add into that mix the fact that next door chose yesterday to have all their hedges cut but strange men using noisy hedge cutters that none of us liked. Oh, our poor Mistress! She’d got so much to get done yesterday and to say we were less than cooperative would be an understatement.

Coming home routine

Life is much easier as a dog. The coming home routine involves a lot of sniffing, peeing and checking nothing has moved. It is of course tiring and requires lots of naps. It does not however involve a lot of bill paying, food buying, putting things away, washing and a myriad other human inconveniences. Not wishing to sound ungrateful, I do realise some of it is paying my bills, but I think on balance I prefer our little rituals to the ones our humans go through.

Oh, Ari said not to tell you, but I think he’s got a sore bottom again and may need to go to see our lovely vet. He’s asked to give it a day or so to see if it goes down first, but our Mistress has told him he shouldn’t let it get worse.

Have a great Thursday


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  1. Hi Alfie

    Tell your Mistress and Wilma that we can now be sure that Graziella is “über dem Berg”! (Just tell her exactly that, she’ll know what that means.)

    She’s become the most successful suckling of the litter within the last 36 hours – fighting for life like and putting on weight like mad. If she carries on like that she wont be the light-weight of the litter much longer.

    Have a good time.

    Come and get some snow, for Wilma. We’ve already got more than we can or at least are keen to deal with.



    • Dear Mama
      It’s Wilma here. What wonderful news. I am so pleased my little niece is doing well. I can’t wait to meet her.
      I can’t wait to play in the snow too. Dad is really struggling with it and it is now almost impossible for him to get his car in and out. Is it always this bad?
      Your loving daughter

  2. Yes,Wilma

    Graziella’s doing very well, indeed. And it’s all her doing: I’m just lying quietly in the litterbox and the little ones are helping themselves. A very easy job as matter of fact. I just nudge the boss from time to time and he knows I need a pee or one or the other mouthful. Then back to the little ones where it’s warm and cosy and where you’re really welcome.

    It’s a wonderful life.

    And winter wonder world too. Outside.



    PS. No, it’s not always that bad. Just when there’s more snow you ever need, wanted, craved for, wished to shovel around… Like now. So do come and get a load of it, please!

    • Oh, dear Valeria
      I wish I could come back right now. I do so prefer it when I have Mum and Dad to myself too and I’d just love to help with the snow. I promise to come as soon as I can
      love Wilma

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