Friday Flashback – Friday 11th January 2019

Friday Flashback

Well here I am again with a Friday flashback. It’s been weeks since I’ve delved into the archives. I loved what Alfie wrote in 2013 so much that I thought I’d bring you all of it. I hope it makes you laugh as much as it did me!

Jealousy is not pretty

Ok I admit it, I’m struggling with the whole puppy thing. I want to be an only dog. I want all the attention. Yesterday, Tucker’s new owners came and although I was ok after a while to begin with, when everyone was cuddling the puppies I got really jealous. I can get loud when I’m jealous. I did worse than that. It was while Tucker’s new humans were upstairs, I decided to mark the pen as my territory. I admit it, I peed along the length of the side of the pen. Then I was, of course, in big trouble. I haven’t peed in the house for a very long time and it seems it would have been better if I hadn’t done it now!

I was working on the basis that the puppies get away with pooing on their toys and in their food bowl so a momentary ‘lapse’ on my part was not going to be viewed too badly. Oh how I was wrong! I have been made to promise not to do it again and been threatened with dire consequences if I do.

Favourite Toy

Mind you, Shadow and Ari got hold of one of the puppies favourite toys today when it came out of the washing machine and the next thing my Mistress found was the filling separate from the reindeer and the antler somewhere else entirely. They weren’t popular either!

Tucker will be off on the train this morning. Looking at him independently he’s a lovely dog, but I see it more in the dilution of the attention I get. My Mistress sees it as a reduction in the number of poos she has to clear each day. 5 puppies equals 20 poos. 4 puppies equals 16 poos – a much better ratio.

Farewell little fellow. When you’re all grown up I’ll be very happy to play with you. You need to train in biscuit catch to see if you can beat me. I practice daily. Tell your humans it’s essential training for our fun days.

Meanwhile back in our world

Ari has to have cream applied to his bottom twice a day again for the next week. Then he has to go back to the vet for a check up. He wasn’t happy and snapped at the vet which is not something I think he should try twice!

I had great run rounding up Alfie and Shadow in the garden before agreeing to pose for a photo. They aren’t really fair sport at their age, but I still enjoyed getting the pack to where I wanted them to be.

Have a great Friday



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