Sore Bottom – Saturday 12th January 2019

Me smiling as I ran

Sore Bottom

Now I know humans don’t like talking about these things in public, but my bottom’s sore. Oh I’ve licked it, but that only seems to be making it worse. Our Mistress has reminded me that the last time I spent ages licking it I also caused an infection in other parts of my anatomy that I went on to lick. She has also reminded me not to kiss her. I’m ignoring both pieces of advice. I’m going along with the cream being applied twice a day, although that is not much fun either. I don’t know what to do. The vet tells me that where it is means operating is not a good idea as it could leave me without proper control and none of us really wants that. I’m fed up.

The vet’s other advice was that I should hold my tail up more to let my bottom get more air. To be honest when you’re feeling down you don’t feel so much like holding your tail up all the time.


Alfie’s Christmas present from Wilma has arrived. Is she ever a goody-four-paws? Either she gets more pocket money than I do, or she’s got our Mistress to help with the cost. Anyway, because the bed she and Shadow have in Switzerland is so comfortable she wanted to get one for Alfie. I don’t think you are supposed to have your own name embroidered on something when it is for another dog, but that’s Wilma for you! I’m wondering what I’ll have to do to get a bed like that one as I’m now the only one who doesn’t have one and it looks rather comfortable. Being told I can have Alfie’s old one is not what I had in mind. When I asked our Mistress about it, she did remind me that we’d measured up a while ago and found that a bed like that doesn’t fit in my spot. I said in which case I should have a bigger place to sleep as well as a new bed, but I don’t think I’m going to get my requests met.

Have a great Saturday


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  1. Hi Ari, I am sorry to hear you have your old problem back again. I suffer with a similar thing. My Mum keeps a close eye on me and can tell when my problem is brewing. I have extra vegetables now to help. I have to see the Vet regularly to keep me on track. Such a nuisance isn`t it. Otherwise I am quite well. My Mum is still having trouble with her foot, she is seeing the Doctor again on Wednesday so hope he can make it better quickly so we can get back to normal here. I did go and see my friends at training last week and we did some work. I did very well but Mum cannot run yet. Have a good weekend. Love from your old mate Dickens XXXXX

    • Dear Dickens, I do hope your Mum is fully fit soon. It’s no fun when our humans can’t take us for all the walks we want.
      My bottom is a bit different to most – now you may not need to know this, but now you’ve raised it, I’ve got an extra flap of skin and the poo is getting stuck there and making me sore. Apparently I carry my tail lower too so it’s not getting as much air as would be ideal. Oh the joys. Still, I’ve had a nice walk and now I’m putting my paws up.
      Love Ari

  2. Hi Ari, thank you for sharing this with me. I am sure your lovely Vet will soon have you better. Glad you have had a nice walk. Mum and Dad are going out this evening so I will be looking after Dilys. Hope she dozes and does not stop me from resting. Thinking of you all, Love Dickens X

    • What is it with humans? Ours are going out without us tonight too. I think we should put a paw down and complain
      Love Ari

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