Vegetable Beds – Thursday 24th January 2019

Vegetable Beds

Why would they call them vegetable beds if I wasn’t supposed to lie in them? Ok, so the vegetable beds we’re talking about are over a metre off the ground and I do recall Alfie explaining to me that they were that high to stop us eating the vegetables. He didn’t say anything about not sitting in them or not digging in them. I’ve seen Mum digging in them. How come it’s all right for her and not for me? You just wouldn’t believe the trouble I was in when she opened the back door for me to come back inside and found me waiting patiently in the vegetable trough. It’s not as though there is anything actually growing in them at the moment. It’s way too cold. We don’t have snow, just quite a bit of spare cold.

Humans are weird!

I have to say, from a dog’s point of view, humans are weird! I’m told that years ago to combat cold humans wore things called vests and long johns. I don’t think staying warm is weird so that all seems quite sensible. Mum explained that her generation really saw those things as untrendy and unfashionable and would just never wear them. She said this as she got dressed this morning and put on a sleeveless tee shirt under her other tee shirt and then put some leggings on under her jeans. I just looked at her and asked, ‘So how is what you’ve got on different?’ She said it was obvious and the things she had were completely different, but I have to say from a dog’s point of view, I think she may be deluding herself.


I’m not much of a showring kind of girl, but I am looking forward to going to Crufts this year. There are so many of my friends and family going it’s just amazing. My nieces Sybil and Izzy will be in the ring with me and my nephew Edison-Eiger. There are others going as well like my friends Buddy and Lia. Buddy is really good and won our breed classes last year. He got to go in the big ring. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of me doing that. It would have helped if I’d remembered to do my practice but I haven’t. Ok, I remembered, I just haven’t done it. Life’s too short!

Have a lovely day


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