Thinking Dog – Saturday 26th January 2019

Thinking Dog

What does a thinking dog do on a Saturday in the middle of winter? My preferred option would be to dig up some more of the contents of the compost heap and of course eat it. Sadly, that has not been blocked off and I’m not allowed to help myself. Option two would be to go back to bed with our Mistress and snuggle up on the duvet. Sadly, she has insisted on getting up, which has rather spoilt the fun in that idea. The risk is that I am actually going to have to spend my day thinking. That’s no big deal for me but my humans hate it when I spend my time thinking because I usually come up with some pretty good schemes. To be fair, I’d find it hard to outdo Wilma this week. Her being able to jump up onto the vegetable troughs has rather taken everybody by surprise. Alfie wants me to take on his political stuff, but to be honest that’s not my sort of thinking. How to open the cupboard is more my style!

Alfie’s ‘Do I have to share with her?’ face


We sat down to talk about changes we wanted in the garden the other day. One of the things we discussed was a pond and a little stream. They were Wilma’s suggestions. I thought they were a great idea and had visions of fresh fish being available as and when I wanted them. Sadly, that idea has been vetoed by our Master. That has rather put paid to the little bridge that our Mistress was hoping to have over the stream. Quite honestly, given the size of our garden that’s probably a good thing, but I didn’t want to be the one to tell her it was a bad idea.

 Weirdly warm

A couple of days ago it was suddenly cold with the benefit that the mud all froze and whilst it was harder on my legs going for a walk, I did at least stay clean. Yesterday it got up to 12 degrees and today is forecast to be 9. Has no one told the weather that it’s winter? It really isn’t supposed to be like this. The poor flowers have no idea what to do. We still have roses in bloom and that really can’t be right.

Have a great Saturday


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  1. Hi Aristotle!
    It’s a ‘thinking day’ here in Aberdeen too. I am thinking hard about how to access the swing bin in the larder now that my owner has put up a barricade. Any ideas? Oh and we are both trying hard not to think about Br***t.
    Toodle pip!

    • Now Bertie it depends on what the barricade is made of. Can you eat it? If not it may depend on your comparative size to the barricade – can you pull it down or jump over it? There’s usually a way of doing it. Check the kitchen chairs, can you drag one of those over and climb on it?
      What is it with humans that they make these things so difficult to do?
      Have a good try and let me know how you get on

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