Buzzing – Monday 28th January 2019


Now I don’t know about where you are, but round here the teenagers say they’re buzzing when they’re excited about something. Well this week I’m buzzing. Dad will be home on Wednesday and I’m so excited. To be honest we all feed off each other’s excitement and I think in this instance I can blame Mum for starting it. Shadow feeds off anyone’s nervous energy, good or bad, and can bounce like nothing you could imagine. Alfie doesn’t do a lot of bouncing now and to be fair, Ari is more controlled about his bouncing.

Moderate Buzzing

I’m somewhere between the extremes. I run round in more circles than Shadow and stand on two legs. Shadow just springs up with all four paws off the ground, which given her age is quite an achievement. She is also busy reminding us that it’s her tenth birthday in only a week and a half. I don’t think she wants to take the risk we might forget to buy her presents.

Windy day

To be fair, I was buzzing yesterday as it was such a windy day. There were things blowing around the garden that were not supposed to be there and I was getting a little hyper about it all. I was marginally freaked out by the big black plant pot running across the lawn. Mum took me outside and showed me that was nothing to worry about. Then there was a white bin bag in a tree. Well I didn’t know it was only a bin bag. Not until Mum used a long stick to get it down and showed me that as well. Shadow was freaked out because the front gate kept closing on its own. So all in all our buzzing might not just be about Dad’s trip.

Spring is in the air

Of course, we might just be buzzing because the nights are getting lighter and it feels as though spring might be on the way. That’s something to get excited about.

Oh, who am I kidding. I’m an Entlebucher. We spend our lives getting excited. We have overflowing personalities, it’s just the way we’re made. I’m off for a quick bounce before breakfast.

Have a wonderful buzzy sort of day


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