Just Testing – Thursday 31st January 2019

Just Testing

I was just testing! Ok so it didn’t work out so well, but sometimes you have to do these things. Mum has been writing about the Irish Potato Famine so it seemed only natural to do my own research. There was an old potato on the side of the vegetable trough, why wouldn’t I eat it? Mum thought that the fact it is was a) raw, b) frozen and c) rotten might have been enough to stop me. What can I say? It’s times like this that she comes to her senses and remembers I’m a dog! Ok, so I may not be a dog with tummy ache, but I’m a dog none-the-less.

Refresher training

That isn’t however the reason I’ve been put on intensive refresher training. I know I told you about Mum’s new jumper which got muddy pawprints on from my friend Nutmeg. Well, thankfully it washed ok and so she can wear it again now. You can imagine how pleased with me she was when I got over excited, jumped up and ripped and tore a thread in it. She has very carefully taken the ends of the thread through to the back of the jumper and tied them together, but it seems that’s enough for me to have to go through boot camp on my manners. It’s not that I don’t know this stuff, it’s just that everything is just so exciting. Apparently I have to demonstrate being calm and, would you believe, quiet, or I’m not going to be fed!


Aristotle on his walk yesterday

On the good side, Aristotle’s poorly bottom is at last responding to treatment. He says that he’s had enough of it being poked so he’s very grateful. Somehow he’s lost a kilogram without even trying so I have been trying to find out what the secret is. He’s not telling. Mum says with him not wanting to walk very far it’s a good thing and he could probably do with losing another one as well. He was not pleased by that suggestion!

Have a great Thursday