You call that snow? – Saturday 2nd February 2019

You call that snow?

Me in the snow

You call that snow? Well I’m sorry but Wilma is not impressed. To be fair, I wasn’t overly impressed either. I’d heard all the weather warnings and thought it might at least come up to my ankles. You could still see the blades of grass so it really doesn’t count. There was no reason to call our Master in to show off his snow shovelling skills or to get excited as only a mountain dog can. I gather from all the videos our friends were posting on line that some of you got rather more than we did and I’m happy you’ve been able to enjoy it. We on the other paw were left feeling a little disappointed.


In the afternoon yesterday, Wilma saw our Mistress putting on her snow boots that she bought in Switzerland and she got all excited. She said that up to now those boots have meant that she and our Mistress were going on a special walk together. Can you imagine how disappointed Wilma was when our Mistress went out without her? It was even worse when our Mistress came back and we found she’d been out for a walk with Pasha. Pasha is the alpaca who our Mistress went walking with a couple of years ago. Well it turns out that theirs was not a one-off relationship. We are distraught. To be fair she has says she still loves us all just as much and she won’t be seeing Pasha again for a good long while, but she did look very happy in some of the pictures.


It isn’t as though we will be able to forget her going off with an alpaca. She’s only gone and brought back some sock to remind her of him. I think that’s really unfair. She could have made some socks out of the hair we shed, but no, that’s not good enough for her. I’m hurt.

See you soon


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