Saying Goodbye – Monday 4th February 2019

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye really doesn’t get any easier. Dad has been working away for nearly a year now and I still hate saying goodbye. Oh I know I’m going to see him again in just a couple of weeks and it is far worse for the others, but I’d much rather not have to say goodbye at all. I went with Mum to take him to the airport, but I now understand why she finds that so hard. Perhaps I’ll say goodbye at home next time where it’s easier to have a really good cuddle.


I know Dad found saying goodbye to Alfie this time very hard. Alfie is definitely aging and hard as it is Dad must wonder whether Alfie will still be ok the next time he’s home. Yesterday when Alfie had been out to the toilet and came back inside, his legs weren’t working very well. He got part way up the six steps to the kitchen and simply got stuck flat out on the steps and clinging on until Mum could help him. He was quite shaken up, but fortunately was ok. Once he gets moving things aren’t a problem but first thing he can find it all a bit difficult.



Meanwhile back in Switzerland there has been a lot of snow again where we live. Dad had cleared the drive before he came over here and our neighbour has very kindly done it again so he can get home. He sent Dad the before and after pictures of what it looked like. There had been about 25cms or more of snow.


Dad said when he left there was no snow round the tree at all as he’d move it all. At least I’m fairly certain there will still be snow when I get there in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait!