A Protest – Tuesday 12th February 2019

A protest

Well, I’m writing this as a protest. Honestly, the way Wilma talked about me yesterday you’d think I’d lost my marbles. Ok, so I’m better some days than others and today is one of the better days, but she’d be wise not to underestimate me. In my head, I’m still a dog in my prime. Ok, sometimes that prime is lost in its own world, but for the most part I can remember what day of the week it is and if tested have no difficulty in naming the Prime Minister. Anyway, I know today’s Tuesday and that means I go swimming. Shadow is coming again too as Aristotle is still being treated for his poorly bottom. He’s even got to the point of saying he can’t wait to come swimming again, so I know he’s had enough of it.

Better Weather

Whilst our Master is busy disappearing under another pile of snow, we have been enjoying it being a little drier. Our Mistress took Wilma out yesterday afternoon and said she just wanted to make the most of the sunshine and keep walking. They did stop at two laps of their usual walk, but that was more because our Mistress needed the loo than because she really wanted to come home. There are some advantages of being a dog.

International Driving Permit

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but sometimes humans can set up ridiculous processes. Given that our Government is sailing our country towards a rather unpleasant precipice, our Mistress is working with the whole ‘hope for the best, plan for the worst’ scenario and trying to make sure she is covered for whatever happens. She will be driving to Switzerland in early April and so is making sure she has everything which could be needed. Wilma is already prepared, so now we are onto things for the car. She needs a Green Card from her insurers so that the car is covered and an International Driving Permit.

More to the point she needs TWO International Driving Permits. Liechtenstein may only be a small country but it is quite near our house in Switzerland and just in case she has reason to go there our Mistress says it makes sense to have a permit. It is not however the same permit as you need for other parts of Europe. Only humans could do things like that! It makes me glad I don’t drive.

Have a great Tuesday


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