Too Much Excitement – Tuesday 19th February 2019

Too much excitement

Yesterday there was just too much excitement for a dog of my age. If it wasn’t bad enough that we had people come to the house, which to be honest I can do without, I had to contend with our Mistress getting excited too. At my time of life, I like things to potter along steadily. No highs, no lows, just everything as expected. I do not need my human to be excited because her latest book is in the number one slot in its category on Amazon and for that matter ahead of one of her heroes, Charles Dickens. Oh don’t get me wrong, of course I like it when she’s happy, but as a dog it’s people who matter. We don’t care if they are rich or poor, famous or no one knows them. We just take them as they are. We give them a good sniff and see if they scratch behind our ears and we’re happy.

Wilma’s Excited

It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was only our Mistress. Wilma has started packing for her trip. She has been pulling out all sorts from the cupboard. There is her special lead that matches her collar so she can look really smart on the Discover Dogs stand. Then there is her special show collar for when she’s in the ring at Crufts. She’s going straight there from her trip to Switzerland so needs to remember to take everything with her. There’s just one small problem. Her entry tickets haven’t arrived yet. If they don’t come before she sets off she has no idea what she’s going to do about it. She’s relying on our Mistress to sort it out, but our Mistress has got no idea either. This could so easily go wrong.

Brexit Preparations

In the meantime our Mistress is continuing with her Brexit preparations. She is still working on ‘Hope for the best, plan for the worst’ and has obtained the correct International Driving Permits so she can drive across Europe in the event of ‘no deal’. It’s really odd, I think I told you she needs a different one in case she drives into Liechtenstein than she does for the rest of Europe. The odd thing is that inside that one, it says it covers Mexico and Somalia but makes no mention of Liechtenstein. I really don’t think she has any plans to drive to either of those two, certainly not from here as the starting point.

Have a great Tuesday


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