Overnight in France – Friday 22nd February 2019

Overnight in France

I’ve just been overnight in France and now here we are again, on the open road. We set off early yesterday morning as Mum likes to drive in daylight. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy on the roads so we soon got into a rhythm of what was happening and carried on listening to our audio book. We’ve got a bit of a routine going and Mum knows which service stations she likes to stop at. Me, I’m not so fussy when you’ve sniffed one tree you’ve sniffed them all and I’m happy wherever we are. We don’t have long breaks. Mum goes into the service station to find a toilet, humans are funny like that, then comes back to me. One thing it took Mum years to learn about us is that she can easily get us to have a quick drink when we stop by dropping a few pieces of our food into the water. We fall for it every time.

Sleeping on the floor

Mum remembered to bring a pillow for me this time, but I still don’t like sleeping on the floor. It’s not so bad when there’s carpet, but on a hard floor it really is a bit much. I’m a bit of a princess really. When I get really stroppy about it Mum tells me the story of the Princess and the Pea – I’m not sure exactly what point she’s trying to make. In my book, she gets a bed so you’d think I should too. Mind you, I did get to sit in the restaurant with her while she had dinner. I didn’t get a chair and come to that I didn’t get dinner, but at least in the hotel here I can sit with her. She doesn’t take me to breakfast as apparently I get in the way!

Me taking a nap before going down to dinner – this floor is hard!

Heading for Home

Anyway, I’m writing this while Mum packs our things up and gets them into the car. We don’t have as far to go today as we did yesterday which is good news. There’s just one small problem. When we get to Switzerland we only have a key to the front door and Dad said that the snow makes it impossible to get to that door and he hasn’t cleared that. If he’s not home when we get there we’re going to have to start digging. You might think it’s easy to assume he’ll be there, but he’s been away the last couple of days and is only flying back today. Let’s hope he’s not delayed!

Have a great Friday


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