I’m home – Saturday 23rd February 2019

I’m home

Well I’m home and Dad got here in time to let us in. That was the good news. The bad news is that he really did mean we can’t get to the front door. He helped do a bit of snow clearing so that I can at least go out that way when I need to pee, but the steps up to the door are, for the time being, impassable. You could lose a dog my size under that lot! The snow is melting rapidly though, so Mum says she thinks we’ll be able to use it by the end of the week. It’s really funny. When we left the snow was only just starting seriously and we can see how much there has been by the banks of it that still have to melt, but we’ve missed most of the fun.

Can’t wait to go to the Raten

I wanted to go straight up to the Raten yesterday, but the most exciting thing Mum could think to d was go to the supermarket. Humans can be so boring. She has promised we can go today but it’s on condition I agree to her having a morning in bed to unwind and recover from how tired she is. I’m so excited to be going up to the Raten that I just know I’m going to bounce on her every five minutes and at some point she is going to end up getting cross.

I’ve been spending as much time as I can cuddling Dad and telling him how much I miss him. I love these times when I get them both to myself. I know how things work when I’m here and I love it.

Where to Pee

Now here’s the thing. Normally, Mum takes me up to the back garden to pee. At the moment we don’t so much as have a back garden as a snow heap. Mum and Dad have cleared a small area near the front door to make it easy for them. I on the other paw am not really happy with it. We’re having a bit of a stand off. You’d be amazed how long I can go without peeing when I’m not happy about the spot provided. As you can guess, Mum breaks first as she’s worried I’ll pee in the house instead. Yet again the dog wins!

Have a great day



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