Woozels and Edgar – Monday 25th February 2019

Woozels and Edgar

I’m going to tell you all about Woozels and Edgar and I’m not sure which to start with. Dad has explained to me that all the marks across the field behind our house weren’t caused by Timmy the cat as I had supposed, but were the result of Woozels. Now, either he’s been watching too much Winnie the Pooh or he’s spending too long on his own and has lost the plot completely. We did all watch the Christopher Robin film so you might blame that, but he was telling me it was the cause of Woozels before we even watched it.

Then there is Edgar. You may well ask who Edgar is. Well, he’s a VERY big spider which Mum seems to think she will cope with better now she’s given him a name. She ws going to ask Dad to move him outside, but I think Edgar got wind of the plan so had gone into temporary hiding. He’s only really a problem as he’s taken up residence by the door to the garage and we’re having to go out through that early in the morning and late at night for me to go to the toilet. He keeps changing where he is on the wall and it’s freaking Mum out.

Loving the snow

Walking with Ruff

We took my friend Ruff up to my favourite walk at the Raten yesterday. He hadn’t been before and thought it was great. We ran and ran in the snow. We had to be a bit careful as it was very deep in places, but we had a great time. Mum noticed that when I barked it was coming back as an echo off the far mountain. We tried it out for ages it was really uncanny. I met some other dogs up there and we all played together. It’s still Mum and my favourite place in the whole world and it’s great seeing it in different seasons.

We went out for lunch afterwards and I was as good as gold. To be fair I was pooped from playing so hard, but I got credit for good behaviour so I’m not going to complain.

When you’ve got an itch – you have to scratch


I thought I’d had quite enough excitement for one day and then we went to see my sister and her puppies. I did the whole proud aunt thing and fell in love with all of them. Valeria is such a good mum. I’m really very proud of her. I think Dad rather fell in love with the puppies too, but then he always does.



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