Happy Days – Tuesday 26th February 2019

Happy Days

Me refusing to sit next to my scary sister

Well these are happy days indeed. Yesterday was almost as much fun as the weekend days were. I was really sad when Dad had to go to work and couldn’t stay to play with me, but I didn’t let it hold me back. We went up to my mountain and met Mama and my sister Valeria for a walk. Valeria was a bit stroppy with me and said I couldn’t play with Mama, but we had fun none-the-less. You would not believe how much fun romping across the snow is. The humans kept exclaiming about the amazing views, but they were missing the best bit as they didn’t romp at all.

Me very happy to sit close up to Mama

To be fair their romping was hindered by being heavier and if they put a foot wrong they sank down a couple of feet into the snow, so I guess I could see their point.

Boring Bits

Then Mum and I went home while she got on with some boring bits. She was doing some work so I had to sit quietly and entertain myself. Then off we went like the intrepid explorers we are, in search of a toaster for Dad. You’d think that was an easy task, but it was more like Goldilocks and the Three Toasters. The first one Mum thought would be good they didn’t have in stock until next month, so we went in search of another shop. She got lost! Eventually in the second shop the toasters were all either really cheap or really expensive and nothing in the range she was looking for. Finally, in the third shop she found one that would do. Mum had said we could go for a walk by the lake afterwards, but then Dad texted he would be home at 5.45pm so she had a better idea and said we could go back up my mountain to watch the sunset.

Evening Walk

You wouldn’t believe how quickly the sun can put its pyjamas on and get into bed when you’re trying to hurry uphill to the place Mum wanted to take photos from. You also wouldn’t believe how annoyed Mum was that I took my time over choosing a pee spot and wouldn’t move any further until I was happy. She tried telling me I could wait, but at that moment it was more important to me than the sunset. We all went home happy in the end which was the important thing.

Mum said the genie had been let out of the bottle