Lost in Translation – Thursday 28th February 2019

Lost in Translation

Things got a bit lost in translation yesterday. Mum was quite convinced the delivery people had said they were coming between 9am and 12 noon to deliver the freezer. They didn’t. She then tried ringing their help desk and to say that didn’t go well would be an understatement. They said an English speaking person would ring her back. They didn’t. In desperation, she rang Dad and asked if he could find a German speaking person at work who could ring for us. Dad rang. Dad is no more German speaking than Mum. He didn’t find out what was happening.

Anyway, in the end the delivery driver rang to say they were on the way and half in German and half in English the message was understood and the freezer arrived. Given Mum had promised me a walk as soon as it came, I was very glad to see it.

Lakeside Walk

We went for a walk down by the lake for a change. And because Mum seems to have a slight chest infection and wanted a day off walking up hills. She’s been getting out of breath just going upstairs at home, and there are a lot of stairs! Anyway, we had a good walk all the way around from the car park round the lake and then through some housing to a footpath round the back of the lake. We tried not to get in the way of someone who looked as though they were filming something for television. I said could I turn round and wave a paw, but Mum said we should just carry on and pretend nothing was happening.

When we came back we sat on one of the benches in the sun together. From the reactions of people walking past you’d think they weren’t seeing a dog and human sitting side by side on a bench having a chat with each other.

Please Write

Now I need to issue and appeal to all of you dogs. I know lots of you can write as you send us notes all the time. This appeal was put out by McGrumpy and Snuffles through their Facebook page and I’m sure they won’t mind if I copy it here for you.

Do you have 2 minutes to write an email to a little girl? Ideally to include a photo of your dog.

There is a terminally ill little girl living in Wisconsin, who loves letters from dogs. 7-year-old Emma Mertens is fighting a rare and inoperable brain tumor. The Merten family issued the request, saying their little girl finds comfort in dogs. Please write your email from the dog’s perspective.

You can write to –

Emma Mertens
P.O. Box 230
Hartland, WI

Or it might be easier to email to emmalovesdogs7@gmail.com

There is also a GoFundMe page raising money to cover her medical care if you want to know more and you can find that HERE



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  1. Hi Wilma, I love to read all the news of your trip. It sounds great to be able to run and run in the snow. Thank you for telling us about Emma. Dilys and I have sent our photos to her this morning. It has been sunny here but sadly rain is on the way later.
    Love from Dickens and all the gang XXXXXXX

    • Well done Dickens. It’s sunny again today. We might have some more snow though. I’m just hoping it comes before I leave so I can enjoy it.
      Love to all of you

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