More of my friends – Friday 1st March 2019

More of my friends

Yesterday I saw more of my friends. I went with Falk and Megan up to my favourite place. Falk is twelve and recovering from surgery. He had to walk quite slowly but he’s such a lovely dog that I didn’t mind a bit. He reminds me of Alfie and that’s nice. He’s the father of Shadow’s third litter of puppies and he sent them all his love. He’s got quite a lot of children so I guess it must be hard for him to remember them all, especially as he hasn’t met them all.

Falk and Megan

I had a good run with Megan, although she’s older too so didn’t want to run as much as I did. I had to run on my own for some of the time, but I don’t mind that.

Snow melt

Running on the snow with Megan

The snow is melting quite fast. It means when we’re out there are lots of patches of grass again now and I can find more things to nibble on as we go along. It also means the snow is not as stable to walk on so we can’t really pretend to be intrepid explorers on the way to the Pole. We still can’t get to our front door at home though. I think the front of our house is about the only one in the road in complete shade for most of the day. Our little icebergs just aren’t melting. The one on the patio is going but not the ones in front of the house.


I have to go to see the V.E.T. today! It’s nothing bad and I know she’ll give me lots of treats, but I have to have my passport stamped for going back to England. I said to Mum I’d like to stay here for another week, but we have to get back for Crufts so we can’t stay. Today is a whole year since Dad started his new job here. I’m glad we could be here with him to celebrate as I do miss him. He’ll be home to see everyone again soon so it’s not so bad.



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