We found it – Monday 4th March 2019

We found it

Our bench

We found it. We found it. We found the seat. I don’t know which of us was more excited. Ok, I lie, it was wasted on me but Mum was excited so I had to at least show willing. The particular seat we found was the one we can see from our lounge. It is up on the hillside the other side of the village from us and is on a lovely sunny spot. Mum has looked at it regularly for the last ten months and thought she’d like to go up to it. Well now she has. It was a lovely walk up through the village and then out the other side on marked trails. Obviously the signpost didn’t say ‘Wilma’s bench is this way’ but it was fairly easy to work out how to find it. Dad went and sat on one to begin with, but Mum said that one wouldn’t do. She just had to find the right bench. Anyway, eventually we came to it and we sat in the sunshine enjoying the view. You would be amazed how excited Mum got being able to pick out our house down below. Now it’s fairly obvious if we could see the bench from the lounge that we’d be able to see the lounge from the bench, but she still got excited.

Our house is down there


Valeria’s puppies

After lunch we went to see Mama and my sister and the puppies. It’s amazing how much they’ve grown since we saw them last week. I’m still a bit wary of them, but mainly because I don’t want Valeria to get cross with me. She can be scary when she’s cross. Mama loves spending time with Dad because he likes making a fuss of her. Mum says if I grow old looking like my own dear Mama then she will be very happy as my Mama is quite beautiful.


My Mountain

Then we went for another lovely walk at my mountain so that I’d had plenty of exercise before a day in the car tomorrow. The snow is melting really fast now, so I took the opportunity to have a really good run in it and nibble a bit here and there. I’m going to miss the snow. I can’t wait until next winter when we have some more. It’s funny, Mum seems to think life’s easier without it, but I think she’s a spoilsport.

Now I’m all packed and ready to say my goodbyes for a few weeks. I hate leaving here. Mum hates it too. We’re going to have to look after each other and cheer each other up later.



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