First Day of Crufts – Friday 8th March 2019

First Day of Crufts

Yesterday was the first day of Crufts. You know it’s Crufts because there is a big traffic problem in the motorway and the journey takes forever. We went by country lanes instead of the motorway and passed through lots of places that I didn’t know existed. It meant Mum had a really bad headache before we even got there. The weather was really miserable too and that didn’t help our mood. Anyway, once inside I knew where to go, so led Mum straight to our stand. Ruby and Sybil were already there waiting and filled me in on what I’d missed – which wasn’t much thankfully.


I was really happy to see Sybil and check how she’s doing. She’s one of my nieces and so like my sister Valeria in appearance. She’s quite like her in behavior too and is a bit bossy at times. She was pleased to see me and Mum and we all sat and had a family cuddle. Later Edison-Eiger arrived. He’s my nephew and one of Sybil’s brothers. He’s looking good too. I had been looking forward to seeing Salvo and Izzy too, but they weren’t there today which was a shame.

Me and Sybil

Adoring Public

We met our adoring public, which is always fun. I spent quite a bit of time looking after Mum. She did make the point that if I hadn’t got into a barking frenzy every so often her headache would have felt much better. I can’t help it if some dogs gave me funny looks and I had to make clear I was boss. Unfortunately some of them who were like that came and stood nearby for ages, so I did rather get carried away. A Bernese came by to play and so did a Great Swiss. I do love seeing my bigger cousins.

Swiss Magazine

Then a journalist from a Swiss Magazine which is writing about Crufts came by to see us. I tried to help with the photos but I got in a bit of a strop so Ruby took over. Mum wasn’t very pleased with me, but she cuddled me anyway.

Going out for coffee

Once we’d finished our shift Mum really wanted to get away from the crowds so we went outside with a friend of hers who had come to meet up with us. There was just one tiny problem – it was really windy and rainy outside so not very nice for a walk. In the end we found a shopping centre nearby and there was a coffee shop where we could sit and have a drink in the warm. Mum had a piece of Black Forest Gateaux. She has asked me to remind her never to have that in the UK as they just don’t make it nearly so well. She felt quite disappointed. I said it served her right for not sharing it with me. I do so hate being on a diet when other people are eating.


The worst of the day was that because I’m on a diet I did not get bought an ice cream. Then Mum wonders why I barked so much. I think she’s mean! Maybe she will give in today.



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