Back with my Buddy – Monday 11th March 2019

Back with my Buddy

Alfie investigates

Well I’m back with my buddy and all is right with the world. It was so good to have Alfie home. Both Mum and I worry about him while we’re away, but he says he’s doing ok and feeling quite well at the moment. He was tired after being away from home for a while but otherwise in good shape. Alfie spent some time checking out the back garden to find out what had been happening while he’s been away and then settled down in the kitchen as though nothing had happened at all. He says he’ll be writing as usual tomorrow so he can tell you for himself.

Aristotle and Shadow

I don’t want you to think I don’t care about Aristotle and Shadow, of course I do. They came bouncing out of the kennels and bounced all over Mum. She’s feeling a little fragile as she’s not very well so she would have preferred less bouncing but she was still very pleased to see them. They all promptly demanded their tea as though nothing unusual had happened, which was great to be honest. It was so windy yesterday that Mum was preparing herself for us all being totally hyper, but thankfully we were fine and didn’t lose the plot. Shadow lost the plot slightly when she saw Andrew and was very happy to have him home again, but that was the only plot that got lost.

Sybil coming to stay

Today isn’t going to be exactly normal as my niece is coming to stay for the night. She won’t get here until late and it’s only an overnight stop, but it will be nice to have her here. I want to show her off to Alfie given she did even better than I did at Crufts. I think the plan is that Ari and Shadow will be in bed before she arrives so I won’t be able to introduce her to them. I’m sure Ari would fall in love with her, but then he does with every girl he meets. He’s like that.




  1. Lovely to see a video of Alfie, Wilma. Thank you for that. Pleased he is feeling well. Happy Monday to you all. xxx

    • Thank you. He even managed to climb onto the bed last night. Mum was so excited. He struggled to get off again, but we had a lovely cuddle while he was there.
      Love Wilma

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