Swimming Day – Tuesday 12th March 2019

Swimming Day

Today is swimming day and I’m really looking forward to it. Our Mistress calls it ‘the old people’s outing’, which I think is a bit mean. Ok so both Shadow and I aren’t puppies anymore, but there is no need for that. I managed to jump up onto her bed the other night, which is something I’ve not done for ages. I had some difficulty jumping down again, so I won’t be doing it again in a hurry, but I did at least manage it the once.

Anyway, we’ve got company watching us swim today so it makes it all the more exciting. I’m past feeling any need to show off, but I know that Shadow will really thrive on the attention. As it is she swims as though she’s practicing for the Olympics. She’s like a little rocket going through the water.

Quiet in the house

We’re all having to be a bit quiet and well behaved. Our Mistress is not well. She’s got shingles and she says it hurts quite a lot. It means sleeping is odd as she’s waking in the night and then wants the light on. I said that’s not fair. When I wake up and am restless she doesn’t let me put the light on and tells me to go back to bed. It’s one rule for the humans and another for us. Mind you, when I raised the point she did say I was welcome to have my own room, that certainly made the point and I guess I’ll just put with things the way they are. I most certainly do not want my own room. I’ve shared our Mistress’s room since I first managed to climb over the dog gate and go upstairs and I don’t propose to stop now!

Have a great day


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