A lovely day – Wednesday 13th March 2019

A lovely day

I had a lovely day yesterday. I didn’t expect it to be anything out of the ordinary, but Sybil’s humans came swimming with us and while Shadow was in the pool I had a lovely time being fussed and cuddled. I really enjoyed myself. Then as if that wasn’t enough, our Mistress bought me my own dressing gown. Mine doesn’t have my name on it like the ones the girls have got, but it’s red and it really is very cosy. I love it. I shall get our Mistress to take my picture wearing it soon. I came away feeling like a thoroughly spoiled and happy dog.

Early night

I’m enjoying our going to bed early too. We’re only doing it because of our Mistress being ill, but it does rather suit me. I know I have to put up with her waking in the night and disturbing me for a while, but all of us going upstairs at eight in the evening does rather make up for that. I’ve offered to go back to bed with her after breakfast too, but she keeps having to get up for things happening in the house. Humans just create so much work for themselves. To be fair some of the deliveries are things like food for us, but she really doesn’t have to feed the birds. They would understand if she missed doing it for a while. Perhaps I should write her a sick note.

We’re popular

Our Mistress says she can’t believe how many people seem to be enquiring about adding one of our breed to their family at the moment. The problem is that there really aren’t many available and everyone will have to wait. It’s nice to think people like us. It’s really strange finding more and more people recognising our breed when they meet us. When I first moved to the UK very few people had heard of us at all.

Have a great day