My role in life – Saturday 16th March 2019

My role in life

My role in life is definitely to be cuddled. I would like to be cuddled at all times. Preferably by our Mistress, but in her absence I’m willing to allow someone to act as a substitute to cuddle me. I may have felt just a little insecure with our Mistress going away without me, but I’m not a fretting sort of a dog. It’s just that since she’s been home I’ve realised just how much I need to be cuddled. I’ve worked out she can still type at the computer while cuddling me, as long as I angle myself carefully over her legs. I don’t think I’m really getting in the way. If I am she doesn’t seem to have the heart to make me move. I do have very sort ears and thankfully our Mistress cannot resist nestling into my fur. It means I can get my way fairly easily. I am open to hiring myself out to be cuddled if any of you want to apply. I’ll see if I have any free slots in my timetable when our Mistress is either not free or is busy cuddling one of the others.

Alternative options

If I can’t be a full time cuddler, I’m available as a useless guard dog. I like to sit at the window and bark at anything unfamiliar, but prefer not to go outdoors in bad weather. I’m really good at alerting you to things you already know about, like the phone ringing or an alarm going off. However if I’m asleep I prefer not to be disturbed and am more likely to just turn over.

Bored with the weather

I’m really bored with this windy weather. We’re all going a bit stir crazy with our Mistress being ill. It does mean more cuddles but I’m really missing our outdoor time together in the garden. I like pottering around with her just taking in the world. Hopefully both our Mistress and the weather will be back to normal soon.

Have a great Saturday


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  1. Sending you lots of cuddles Aristotle. Sammi and I are also fed up with all the wind and rain we have had recently. Wet and windy again today. Hope your mistress is feeling better soon. Happy Saturday to you all. xxxx

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