Easily Fooled – Wednesday 20th March 2019

Easily fooled

It turns out that Wilma is easily fooled. On her way back from a good walk around the village yesterday, she was almost home when she saw a cat. It was the same cat that Shadow saw yesterday and would have chased if she hadn’t been attached to our Mistress. Anyway, the cat ran through the bushes into the front garden. Wilma thought she’d got it covered by pulling our Mistress into the front garden and following a straight line where the cat had gone. As it turned out the cat had more sense. Our Mistress and the cat winked at each other in acknowledgement of the cat hiding behind the bird table until Wilma had run past. It seems Wilma is going to have to try an awful lot harder than that if she’s going to catch that particular cat.

Stairs are getting harder

I’m finding stairs are getting quite difficult to deal with in a morning. Yesterday I just couldn’t get my leg working at all and was stranded at the top until our Mistress came to help. She put my harness on my and supported my weight down the stairs, but my back legs were pretty much doing their own thing. Our Mistress has said if this continues then we’ll have to move to sleeping downstairs. I used them as much as I could when I went swimming to see if I could improve things. Now we just have to see. I’m not going to have to sleep downstairs on my own yet, as long as I can still manage the few steps to the office. That is only a short flight so it’s not so dangerous if our Mistress has to support my weight. She has told me not to worry too much, but of course I do.


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