Well that didn’t go well – Thursday 21st March 2019

Well that didn’t go well

Well that didn’t go well, so it’s Wilma here writing today. Alfie is taking a day off. He had a bad dementia day yesterday and today he just wants to be quiet and safe in the kitchen. On Monday, as you know he went for a little walk, the first he’d had in a long time and he enjoyed it. Yesterday Mum got all enthusiastic and took him for another little walk. She only took him on exactly the same route as Monday. It had gone so well that she assumed it would work. She was wrong! They didn’t meet anyone and there were no cats, so that wasn’t the problem.


Alfie wandered down the road for a couple of hundred metres and seemed to be doing quite well. Then it all went a bit odd. He was quite convinced he was going to the Scout field. He wasn’t and he’s not allowed to go there. Mum explained that to him but he wasn’t having any of it. It was Scout field or nowhere. As it turned out, that meant it was just nowhere and he simply stood there a 30kg block. Eventually Mum coaxed him to turn around, but he didn’t want to come back up the road. She thinks he might have been having a flashback to when they lived in the house down the road as he seemed to want to go there.

Standing in the road

She little by little moved him back in the direction of our house, but then he just stood in the middle of the road gazing into space. Even being offered a treat had no effect. It would have been easier if the person who lives at the house he was outside hadn’t picked that very moment to come home and want to get their car onto their drive. Alfie was in the way. Thankfully they were patient waiting for Mum to get him moved. Once he got to our drive at home he was ok and happy to be back, but I don’t think he really enjoyed the experience and sadly it probably means his day out with Bella won’t be able to happen.

Plan B

It now means Mum is trying to come up with a plan B for his exercise. I think she’s looking at walking him in circles around the garden or reconsidering the treadmill idea.

Have a great Thursday

Love WIlma

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