Friday Flashback – Friday 22nd March 2019

Friday Flashback

Well it’s Friday Flashback again. I started looking back to when Alfie was little. Oh you have to laugh. It’s amazing how different he is now.

2007 A trip to the vet

Before we came away, when I went for my check-up at the vet, it was the locum vet again. I don’t know what it is about her but I do not like her. So I growled at her again and she asked if there were a risk I would bite her. I think it is best to keep them wondering. Of course there is always a risk I will bite you, I have teeth. I have never bitten anyone yet but there is always a first time and she does rank as one of only four people I have ever growled at. The locum didn’t know what to say when my mistress told the locum that one of those four people had since died, particularly seeing as my mistress omitted the important detail of explaining the death was unrelated to my growling and the person concerned was 87 years old.

Then I found this from 2009, which was funny as we only said yesterday how sad it was when we passed four dead frogs on our road when we were out walking.


There we were, walking through our village in the dark, when just in time my Mistress managed to spot two frogs crossing the road. Fortunately she didn’t stand on them, as I don’t think that would have been very pleasant for her or the frogs. Don’t you think someone ought to explain to them that in the dark it is best at the very least to wear reflective clothing and even better to carry a torch as well. If they aren’t careful they are going to have an accident.

Oh I know I’ve already told you enough, but I really liked this from 2012

Alfie March 2012


Because we’d all been going through a bit of a rough time, me with my tablets and trapped nerve, Ari with his poorly leg, Megan being faced with a drug crazed dog, Shadow – well I’m sure she has her own problems, anyway because of all that my Mistress bought us each a marrow bone. We had to choose between the meaty one, the smoky bacon one, the tripe one or the chicken one. I chose smoky bacon. For half an hour there was complete silence in the house as we all chewed our respective bones.

Noisy eater

Actually, I say complete silence but I’ve never heard such a noisy chewer as Ari was with his meaty bone. He was as happy as Larry, except I don’t know anyone called Larry! Sadly the peace was shattered by Megan being very very sick. We had to conclude that the chicken filling in her marrow bone and Megan were not well suited. On the brighter side it did mean Ari and I got her bone as well but poor Megan really deserved a better evening after all the trouble I’ve put her through.

Some dogs don’t share

Ari, bless the little chap, has now appropriated three of the four bones in his bed. Heaven help him if he tries to relieve his mother of her one. I’ve seen what she can be like over being asked to share and it’s not her strong point. If nothing else we have one very contented puppy with a bed full of bones who is making some very loud chewing sounds. My Mistress has promised Megan an extra special walk to make up for it so I’m guessing they could be gone for a while. It means I have to supervise our little bone chewer, but there are worse things I could be doing with my time.

Now that really is all from me for today – have a lovely day

Love Wilma

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