Panic Attack – Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Panic Attack

Well I didn’t see that one coming. I had a panic attack in the swimming pool yesterday. One minute I was swimming along like a good dog and the next minute I was just desperate to get out and shaking all over. My Mistress and the hydrotherapist tried to calm me down and keep me in the pool at first, but then My Mistress looked at me and realised that wasn’t going to work, so they got me out and then sat with me until I felt calm again. Our Mistress had quickly put Shadow into the car so she could give me her undivided attention. I was all right after a few minutes and then got back in the pool to finish my swim with no problems at all. There are times I really hate having dementia. It does all sorts of weird things to me that none of us understand.

Happy Smile

Once I got back in and was relaxed I felt quite happy and our Mistress just wanted to take lots of pictures of my smiling face. She says that she never wants to lose the picture of the happy me in her head. To be honest I prefer the happy me as well. I didn’t like how I suddenly felt. Anyway, this is my happy face.

Pet Insurance

I also had a very difficult conversation with our Mistress yesterday about my medical insurance. The renewal has arrived and it’s more than my pocket money will stretch to. She asked how I felt about what we should do. It’s one of those conversations like ‘Where do you want your ashes scattered? that you never really want to have. In reality, I don’t ever want to go through another operation. I didn’t deal well with the anaesthetic last time I had one. I said that maybe it would be better for me to keep the money in my piggy bank and then it could pay for any minor things I need. Our Mistress said she will ring the insurers to discuss it with them first. Getting old is hard.

Incidentally the answer to the other question is Switzerland, just in case you needed to know.



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