Happy Dog – Thursday 4th April 2019

Happy Dog

Aristotle is generally a happy dog. He has quite a lot to put up with in life, but he does it all stoically and makes the most of the things he can. Yesterday because his legs weren’t feeling too bad he asked if he and our Mistress could go for a longer walk. She was of course delighted to oblige and so they did a whole lap of the airfield together. She said when he was catching up with her he just looked so happy out there being a normal dog for a day. It’s times like that which are precious and help to make up for the days when he has to ask to rest because his legs hurt.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Wilma’s ball playing is causing some amusement. Well I’m amused, I’m not so sure about our Mistress. They started yesterday very gently when they got out of the car so Wilma could warm up before throwing herself about. They had a few little throws before they got to the gate where it’s all muddy and then our Mistress made Wilma wait to play again until they were on the long straight runway part of the disused airfield. It really is an ideal place to play if you can throw in a straight line. Anyway, all went well for quite a number of throws and then although Wilma shouted at our Mistress to throw the ball she decided she’d had enough of chasing it. Our Mistress had to go to pick it up.

Wilma shouted at her again and promised faithfully that this time she’d run. And… you’ve guessed it, she didn’t. So having had to retrieve it for a second time our Mistress said she wouldn’t throw it anymore.

That’s dogs for you. We really don’t want to be considered too predicatable!



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