Friday Flashback – Friday 5th April 2019

Friday Flashback

Hello everyone, I’m here with Friday Flashback once again. I started by looking right back to when Alfie was a puppy. That always makes me smile. Here he is in 2006 taking about mud!

Muddy Dog

I took Matilda’s mistress for a walk. Matilda doesn’t really tolerate going for a walk in company, cats can be like that! So I let her mistress come with me. It was great. I ran through all the mud and got absolutely filthy. I am sure my mistress is careful to go on the non-muddy paths to stop me doing that.

Matilda’s mistress was a bit worried that I was going to need a bath but I have to say I have become a little vain. I rather like the contrast of the rich brown and white bits with the rest of my black fur and work very hard to keep them looking good. Although my mistress wiped my paws for me I’d got the rest sorted in about half an hour. Doing it myself has the extra advantage of stringing out all the tastes from the walk as I get to rediscover them matted deep into my coat.

I think the taboos for human beings are such a shame, they really do miss out on an awful lot of fun, mind you from observation humans do rather let themselves go and very few can reach to lick all the necessary places.

Then in 2009 Shadow had not long moved to live with Alfie and this is what he thought of her.

Cute Pee and Poo Machine

Shadow scores highly on the cute front, but she also scores top marks as a yappy, efficient pee and poo machine. I don’t bark in the house. If Shadow’s awake then you certainly hear about it. I’m already growing to love the times she’s asleep, when I can look at her fondly and forget the amount of noise she makes. So far this whole house training thing is more about theory than practice. The theory involves my Mistress trying to guess the times she needs to go and taking her outside. The practice involves Shadow running back inside and peeing on the floor. The bucket is out and ready. The kitchen roll is being bulk purchased and my Mistress is ready for a long slow learning process.

Shadow on 5th April 2009

Well I think that’s all there’s time for today. You wouldn’t think the pair of them are now 13 and 10. Shadow still barks a lot but she gave up on peeing and pooing in the house.

Have a great Friday


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