Whose Bench is it? – Saturday 6th April 2019

Whose bench is it?

Whose bench is it exactly? That’s what I want to know. It’s one rule for humans and another for dogs. It’s all very well starting off by saying we’re sharing the new bench, but that was when it was just bare wood. Put a few cushions on it and it’s an altogether different story. Now it’s ‘Don’t come up here with your muddy paws, Aristotle.’ Now that it’s all cosy it’s only for humans. I’m quite prepared to have a little mat installed in front of it and to wipe my paws before getting on. I’ll even subject myself to them being washed if that’s really going to make the difference. I might have negotiated a dog bed on the floor underneath so I can be a bit more comfortable but that may be the limit to my negotiations.

The return of winter

Although it’s gone cold again here it hasn’t completely gone back to winter. Our Master on the other paw woke up to about twenty centimetres of snow again yesterday. He was a little surprised to put it mildly. Apparently it’s clearing quickly again, but who’s to say how long it will be gone for? He now understands why he needs to keep his winter tyres on until Easter!


We got post addressed to us yesterday. This year is our Club’s tenth anniversary and there is a special weekend of activities being planned for us to celebrate. The invite was actually addressed to ‘Alfie, Shadow, Aristotle and Wilma’. Now the arguments begin. Of course we all want to go, but our Master and Mistress will need to stay somewhere overnight so that means only two of us going. Alfie really ought to go, we’re all agreed on that. Agreed that is except Alfie, who says it would be too much for him now. Shadow will get priority as she was in at the very beginning too. Now I’ve just got to argue it out with Wilma. I’m wasting my breath, she’ll win. She always does. I just hope they bring me back a slice of birthday cake.

Have a great Saturday


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