Downside to summer – Thursday 11th April 2019

Downside to summer

There’s a downside to summer. As a dog it means you can’t go out with your owner quite as often. Given there are places which are still too short-sighted to allow you entry, in the winter you always have the option, in this country at least, of sitting in the car. In the summer it’s an altogether different story. If you are in the car you need enough ventilation to make sure the car does not get too warm. That doesn’t mean just having the window open a centimetre or two either. It means lots of ventilation. Basically it gives humans the choice of leaving us with enough air but at risk from people accessing the vehicle or leaving us at home. The answer really is for laws to be passed to enable us access to everywhere a human can go… except the dentist. I don’t want to go to the dentist.

Late night snacks

Humans can be mean. There was me thinking that if I do move to sleep downstairs then on the nights I can’t sleep I could raid the fridge which is next to where my bed will be. What I did not understand was that the fridge is one of the things which can be moved to the other room. This whole idea is looking less appealing by the day. Oh, I can see the logic from a human point of view, but that wasn’t the one I was looking at it from. I’m prepared to put up with a little less space if I can keep the fridge. I said that to our Mistress, but it seems she is being particularly uncompromising on that particular point. The worst of it is that the fridge will move into Ari’s room and I know he can get out of his crate when he wants to, so there’s no hope.



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