A Better Day – Sunday 14th April 2019

A better day

Yesterday, Alfie had a better day. He could do stairs with very little help and even did three circuits around the garden. He looked with some disdain at the new harness that our Mistress has bought to help support his back end when necessary. He tried it on, but pointed out there may be some missing logic to the whole thing. You can only really put it on him easily when he is in a standing position. However, when he is able to stand is not when he needs it. It’s when he can’t stand that he needs the help. Our Mistress has said they will have to have some practice sessions to see if they can find a way to do it.

Cold weather

We are all fed up with the cold weather. It might look like spring outside, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Neither I nor our Mistress were very keen on the feeling of the wind blowing right through us when we ventured outside. She’s promised me that the forecast says it’s going to warm up soon and it can’t come soon enough for either of us. I like feeling the sun on my fur and she likes wearing sleeveless tee shirts. All in all, this weather is not the best for that.

Being unfaithful

Our Master is missing us. That’s the good bit. However, he met another Entlebucher when out on his lunch break the other day and had to go and say hello. He forgot to ask the dog his kennel name, so we don’t even know if it was a close relative, but we are just a little bit concerned. It’s easy to feel insecure when we don’t see him all the time. We’re very excited that he’s coming home next week and can’t wait to see him.

Me enjoying the cold sunshine



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