Humans! – Wednesday 24th April 2019


Humans! That’s all I’ve got to say. Humans! You just wouldn’t believe how stupid they can be. I told you our Mistress is having a bit of a clear out. Well the bicycle is offered for free but she has explained it has flat tyres and a bent rear suspension fork. So far two people have wanted it and both expected to be able to cycle away on it. Now I’m only a dog, but I can work out that the description doesn’t make that very easy. On the other paw, she has a long waiting list for Aristotle’s buggy and is now wondering if she should be opening a shop selling them.

Day care

We spent yesterday in day care. We are all used to going to the kennels but usually we take an overnight bag. It was odd going just for the day and I know this is going to sound strange, but I think we all sort of enjoyed it. They say a change is as good as a rest and we all came back ready for a long sleep, which our Mistress appreciated. We don’t let her have many lie ins, so even not getting out of bed until almost six o clock is appreciated. I think she’s planning to go back to bed again this morning so we’ve got to behave for an hour or two while she has a sleep. One of us, naming no names, is planning to go back to bed with her! Sometimes it’s annoying that I can’t climb on the bed anymore.

The weather

So there we were last week with little sunny signs every day on the weather. Now that the summerhouse is ready, we’ve got little rainy symbols and a thundery one. Our Mistress says we are all going to be dodging the showers to get our walks in – or getting very wet. She doesn’t mind taking us in the rain but draws the line and having to worry about lightning seeing as where we walk is so very open. I’m taking bets on how successful dodging the rain is – she usually fails miserably.

Have a great Wednesday


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