Friday Flashback – Friday 26th April 2019

Friday Flashback

I do love looking back at all the things the others got up to in Friday Flashback. It seems Shadow was not a perfect puppy. I found this from 2009.

Eating the plants

Shadow is not content to dig in the grass or by the fence. The pots that my Mistress so lovingly planted, aren’t looking as well as they did. Now in fairness, one whole pot was finished off by the frost but the rest were doing quite well, until Shadow discovered them. She has now dug up and eaten the plants from another pot, and but for our intervention was in the process of starting on my Mistress’s favourite. I know she intends to plant them in a flower bed. I just hope that the bed was going to be in the front garden and not where Shadow could get to it. I think flower beds in the back garden might be a thing to be avoided.

Then there were Mum’s attempts at making Aristotle do what he was told. Have you met Aristotle? That is so never going to happen.

Aristotle’s training 2013

Aristotle is being threatened with a much more rigorous training regime. He’s been told he can’t get away with playing the puppy card anymore and he needs to behave as an adult dog. He’s had the whole ‘You can’t expect freedom without responsibility’ lecture that we’ve all had, children and dogs included. In our case it revolves around not jumping up, not barking, not whining when we can’t have our own way, rather than so much about bedtime and levels of pocket money. Although I seem to remember there may have been a negotiation around bone allowance once in a while. For Aristotle’s part he’s got to sit when asked, without demanding to be given the reward first. He has to walk nicely on his lead and not jump either on the humans or me! I was a fervent supporter of that last point.

Ari and Alfie in April 2013

Well I’d best go, Alfie’s got an upset stomach so Mum won’t leave him unattended for too long. She’s spent way too much time clearing up to want to do much more.

Have a great Friday



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