In the Dog House – Wednesday 1st May 2019

In the dog house

Well I’m in the dog house as far as Wilma is concerned. Thanks to the fact that our Mistress and Wilma have two sponsors so the diet has begun. You cannot imagine what Wilma said to me when her rations were cut. You wouldn’t think such a gentle animal could come out with such foul dog language. I will tell you that the word CAT was in there! What Wilma is most fed up about is that we all have one scoop of food in the morning and at night. At least, that was the case until yesterday. What Wilma doesn’t understand is why, when she only eats the same amount as the rest of us, and does much more exercise, she is not the thinnest? Anyway, I started a lengthy explanation about metabolic rates and the science behind it all. Then our Mistress came along and simplified it saying it was because Wilma was on a different food.

There is an upside

Of course, the other thing I pointed out to Wilma is that there is an upside to all this for her. She and our Mistress went on a longer walk than normal and I think have another one planned for later today. She may also be getting some extra play dates so she can run round madly while she’s out. That just needs our Mistress to be more organised and actually see when Wilma’s friends are free.

In the meantime I couldn’t resist taking this rather undignified picture of Wilma in bed last night. When I say ‘bed’, it is not exactly her bed so much as her having taken over our Master’s spot. Has the girl no shame? I suppose I slept in some odd positions when I was young, but you grow out of that by my age. She really doesn’t have a care in the world… except for the diet!

Alfie is in the dog house in part for taking a picture of Wilma sprawled out on the bed.

Have a great Wednesday


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