New Food – Thursday 2nd May 2019

New Food

Well thanks to Betsy I might start getting a bit more sleep! Wilma is VERY unhappy about her reduced rations and so has been waking up early asking for breakfast. Neither I nor our Mistress are thrilled by this, but sponsorship is sponsorship so breaking their diet is not an option. Anyway, Betsy told us about the food she has been on while she’s been dieting, that still gives enough bulk to make her feel full. Wilma’s bag of that food is arriving today and she can’t wait to get her paws on it. I think our Mistress is going to mix it with her existing food until that is used up, so at least she won’t have to notice too much difference in taste too quickly. Paws crossed it helps as at my age I need my beauty sleep.

My little car

My little car is nearly twenty-one years old. It’s got rust on a few places. Well, actually, it’s got quite a bit of rust. Our Mistress has made the decision to have it all sorted out so that it looks as good as new. Unfortunately it isn’t having the work done until September, so I’ve got to wait a long time to see it in perfect condition. To be fair I don’t think it’s ever been especially perfect in my lifetime so I’m looking forward to it. I think I shall need to pose for some photos with it when it’s all done.

Have a great Thursday


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  1. Hi Alfie, Can you let my Mum know the name of the food as she says I have some weight to loose. I do not know if it will suit me as I cannot have wheat and it has to be low fat as I have a sensitive gut. Anyway, it is always good to have a tried and tested product.
    I love the picture of you swimming. I have never done swimming I only paddle. I expect I will one day. My house mate, the beagle is 13 yrs today! It is quite an achievement as she was very poorly for about 18 months until a while ago.
    I am off to the Vet for a review today Have a great day everyone. Love Dickens XXXX

    • I got our Mistress to check the packet when it arrived today and it does include wheat. It is Royal Canin Satiety. We’ve weighed it compared to the current food and Wilma can have more bulk with less calories. We’ll have to let you know how she gets on.

      • Thank you for doing your research for me. I will tell my Mum. When I went to the Vets yesterday I weighed less than the week before!!!! The diet is on hold at the moment. By the way my leg is getting better but I am still on short walks. Have a lovely weekend. Love Dickens XXX

        • Well done on the weight you’ve lost and I’m so pleased your leg is getting better. I’m still going up and down stairs unaided – it really is a miracle.

  2. Really pleased to have helped. Mum says my poos are easier to pick up, too! Also I have less wind so a much nicer dog to be around ?
    Lots of love Betsy xx

    • Thanks Betsy – the other problems have never been issues for Wilma, just the whole ‘does my bum look big in this?’ thing! Paws crossed

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