Friday Flashback – Friday 3rd May 2019

Friday Flashback

Well here we are again with Friday Flashback. I’m enjoying seeing what life was like with ‘puppy Shadow’. She was about twelve weeks old in 2009

Shadow gardening

Now that Shadow can go out and about every day is a new learning experience. We’ve taken her to see the ducks on the pond. She looked for all the world as though given the chance she would get into the pond and go for a swim. It was funnier when my Mistress took us both up to the other house so that she could do some gardening. The idea was that we would sit quietly tied to the fence while my Mistress did the planting. Shadow was more of a mind to dig up the plants as my Mistress put them in. Except she wasn’t intending to do it all that carefully and I don’t think they’d have been in a state where they would grow afterwards.

Oh dear, poor Alfie. I’d never really thought about how hard it must have been for him years ago with two dogs in season to have to contend with. This is what he wrote in 2011

A boy needs sympathy

At last Megan is coming to the end of her season. It has been torture. I love her dearly and would so like to oblige but of course I can’t and for all our good I am not allowed to try. My poor Mistress has had to keep a constant eye on us to make sure we are behaving. It has been driving her nuts. At least there will be a little bit of peace until Shadow comes into season. Mind you, of my Mistress gets that right she will be away for the critical time and introducing her to a boy dog that can and will fulfil her every need. It’s a hard life for some of us. We don’t get the sympathy and understanding we deserve.

Oh dear this from 2014 made me laugh

Why our Mistress needs a dog

I have discovered one of the reasons our Mistress needs a dog. It’s to stop anyone deciding she is clinically insane. I caught her yesterday talking to herself at great length and actually holding a whole two sided discussion. She’s always said it’s us she’s talking to and I’ve been happy to accept that for the last eight and a half years. Now I’m not so certain. I know you can get webcams to go on dog collars so you can see what we are doing when you aren’t there, but I’m thinking of getting one for a human so I can keep tabs on her behaviour when she’s on her own. To be honest I think someone should!

Well that’s all from me for today. I took this picture of Alfie when he’d climbed into bed last night and looked all snuggly.

Have a great Friday



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