Where is spring? – Sunday 5th May 2019

Where is spring?

I hate to ask but where is spring? Has anyone seen it? It seemed to be here a few weeks ago and now it’s disappeared. At least we’ve not got more snow in this country, even if it is cold. Our Master, on the other paw, has been a little surprised to get snow in May. Having said that, it’s our Mistress who is most upset about it. Her favourite apple tree came up with lots of buds and then we had a really bad frost and it just all stopped. I mean completely stopped – there is not a single leaf on it. She’s been out to talk to it every day. I’m there when she does and it’s really quite pitiful. She’s been begging it not to give up and to hang on in there until there are better times.

Wilma is almost as upset, but that’s because she ate all the fallen apples last year and she’s worried there will be less for her to get this year.

Benefits of Wilma’s diet

It turns out that there are benefits of Wilma’s diet for me. Our Mistress thinks it would be mean for Wilma to be around her when she’s having her own meals as Wilma can’t possibly be given any of our Mistress’s food. Enter Aristotle. I am more than happy to sit patiently while our Mistress eats, on the proviso she will save me just a tiny scrap. Wilma’s loss in this instance is my gain. I can only hope that her diet lasts a very long time.

Evening walks

Wilma has taken to having evening walks for a change. They both seem to quite enjoy it and in our village no one else seems to be out then. It’s not that they mind seeing other people, but it does mean our Mistress talks to Wilma more as she’s less worried about being overheard.

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