The Zoo – Saturday 11th May 2019

The Zoo

Why can’t I go to the zoo? It’s all very well our Mistress saying they might keep me if I did, but I can’t see how that justifies her going and leaving me behind. I wouldn’t mind volunteering to be petted for a few hours as long as I could come home at the end of it. Our Mistress said that Wilma would have to be put in a cage with a sign saying ‘Do not feed the Wilma’ and she may well have a point. Anyway, I’m fed up as that is what our Mistress is doing today and none of us can go with her. It led to a discussion of what our favourite animals were. My Master like’s pandas best, after us of course. Our Mistress says she quite likes watching the sloths as they remind her of our Master. I don’t think she was being serious. One of my nicknames is ‘bear’ so I guess I might be most at home with them, although I don’t think real life bears are as good an idea to cuddle!

Alfie’s Girlfriend

Alfie’s girlfriend Bella has to have a cataract operation next month. He wishes he go to be with her and hold her paw, but he simply isn’t up to travelling. If everything goes well, her sight will be must better afterwards so we’re all crossing our paws for her. We’ll let you know how she is when it comes to it.

Waiting for News

We’re also waiting for news from Wilma’s niece Sybil. Sybil is hoping to have her first litter soon. We’re waiting to hear when she comes into season so that she can start planning her trip to meet her boyfriend. It’s likely to be later this month or early next month and will be the first litter for our breed in this country for just over two years. Yet more paw crossing going on!

Have a great Saturday


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