13 1/2 – Monday 13th May 2019

13 ½

A very happy 13 ½ birthday to Alfie. He’s planning to spend his half birthday quietly napping in the kitchen. I suspect Mum may spoil him just a little bit but she does that most days. I think he’s planning to try to get in touch with his sisters to see how they are and really does hope they are still doing ok. I don’t think he’s heard from them since their thirteenth birthday and by this age every day is precious. He has been recommending turmeric as a supplement to everyone he knows with any problems of arthritis, including one of our family who’s a cat! You know what they say, you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family!

Dad meets Sloth

After Mum called her sloth after Dad we had to take a photo so you could see the likeness. Of course they both look cute, but Dad is definitely the better of the two, at least as far as I’m concerned. The sloth hasn’t tickled my tummy once since he arrived in the family. Mum did take a picture of one of the lions rolled on her back looking like she wanted her tummy tickled, but thankfully there was a barrier to stop Mum from trying! It could have gone horribly wrong. What was good news was that Mum said when she was looking through the photos on her camera there were still some of me from our last trip there too and she realised just how much she was missing me. I’m not likely to be replaced by a lion or a sloth.


Mum’s office setup for the summerhouse is complete. As long as the weather stays good we’ve been promised lots of outdoor time. It’s funny as the seeds have all fallen off the tree at the bottom of the garden and made it look like it’s been snowing. I just love running around the grass through all the white bits and sending them everywhere. It’s just such good fun. I’ll try to take some photos of that for you before it all gets cleared away.



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