My sisters – Tuesday 14th May 2019

My sisters

I was delighted to hear from both my sisters Esther and Ebbe yesterday. It really made my day to know they are both doing all right. Esther is going through many of the things I’m struggling with, including the dementia and the back end problems. She has lost the sight in one eye, but that isn’t stopping her from enjoying life. She still goes for walks and just like me enjoys eating! She is having tests for other health problems too so we really hope that all is well for her.

Ebbe in the garden

As for Ebbe, she is growing old gracefully and really does look very beautiful in her old age. She is having problems with her teeth and eyes but still likes her walks.

Ebbe looking very beautiful

My day yesterday

My day yesterday wasn’t quite the one I was expecting as our Mistress notices a new, and rather large, lump on my side. I had to have needles stuck into me to take a sample. We think it’s just another fatty lump, it’s just within the muscle so is all a bit different again. It wasn’t a bad day apart from that. The vet gave me a new gel to try on my teeth. Maybe if it helps I shall have to tell Ebbe about it. Anyway, I posed for my half birthday photo and was grateful that it was at least sunny for the occasion.

Our Mistress said that with picking us up from kennels, taking me to the vet and walking everyone she had spent the whole day doing things for us. She may have said all that in response to my complaint that she hadn’t been and bought me a steak, but that’s beside the point.

Me yesterday

Quietly excited

Now I’m getting quietly excited about seeing our Master tonight. He is going to see so much improvement in how I can move about. When he last saw me I was finding it very difficult. I can’t wait to show him the difference.

Have a lovely Tuesday


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  1. Lovely photo of you Alfie. You are still a handsome boy. Nice pics of your sisters too.
    Have a lovely day. xxxxxx

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