Playing in the snow – Wednesday 15th May 2019

Playing in the snow

Wilma thought she was playing in the snow yesterday. Obviously it isn’t snow, but it doesn’t hurt to use your imagination once in a while. We can’t remember ever having so many seeds from the tree making the whole garden white before. Our Mistress was doing some reading and thinks that maybe the tree hasn’t been pollinated in previous years, but that doesn’t make complete sense as it always tries to grow loads more little trees. We do now know our trees are female if nothing else. The biggest problem is that when our Mistress tried to work in the summerhouse so we could have more time outdoors we kept making it all whirl around and go inside to make her sneeze. We didn’t do it deliberately, it was just one of those things which couldn’t be helped.

Swimming was odd

Yesterday’s swimming was odd. Usually it’s me and Shadow going and that is all reasonably amicable. I don’t mind sharing the crate with her on the journey and then I sit and watch while she swims. Yesterday Aristotle came instead of his mother. Our Mistress wanted to make sure he goes at intervals so that if he needs to go he doesn’t throw a tantrum. Anyway, I will NOT share the crate with Aristotle. He sat on the back seat so we sorted that one out. Whilst I was swimming instead of being a good boy and sitting quietly, he decided he was on guard and barked at a man mowing the lawn outside and then at a woman who was quite a long way away. It really is very annoying when you are trying to have a quiet swim to find an obnoxious puppy barking. Our Mistress said I can’t say he’s obnoxious, but I can tell you she was calling him a good deal worse than that when he was trying to dry himself on her legs and getting the buckle of his collar caught on her.

Have a lovely Wednesday


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