Star Qualities – Thursday 16th May 2019

Star Qualities

Do you have star qualities? Now, I was telling you about starting to take Curcupet K9 which is the turmeric supplement I’m now on and which has made me so much better at getting about. Anyway, Future You, the company who supplies it, are looking for a dog to be their star for the next year and to feature on the packets of the product. It would be wonderful if one of you were to win. You would not only feature but win a year’s free supply and that is definitely worth it. If you’d like to enter then you’ve got sixteen days left and you can follow the link HERE to send in your photo.

Yearsley Woods

Wilma had a lovely time yesterday afternoon at Yearsley Woods. She said it was just lovely running around through the trees and being able to drink from the stream there. Our Master and Mistress were trying to work out what all the trees were, but there were some they weren’t sure about. Wilma was just happy sniffing everything that had been going on and checking out all the notes that had been left for her to find. She did take her ball and played with it for a while, but the track was uneven so it kept bouncing off into the undergrowth and then she made our mistress collect it for her so she didn’t sting her nose on the nettles.

Lovely having our Master Home

We’re all enjoying having our Master home for a few days. Wilma and Shadow can barely contain their pleasure at him being here and keep going for cuddles. I’m a little more relaxed about things. Ari likes sitting outside on the seat with them and is making the most of that. We all really wish he was here all the time and not just occasionally.

Have a lovely Thursday