No Beach – Saturday 25th May 2019

No beach

Well there’s no beach for little old me. No woodland walk. No special ‘lots of time out and about’. I went to the vet yesterday morning and I need to have my elbow x-rayed. I had to admit to being in quite a lot of pain when she tried to examine me. Then the vet said could Mum check to make sure I wasn’t just flinching because I didn’t know her that well. Duh, I’m a friendly dog. I was flinching because it really really hurt. I even flinched when Mum touched my elbow and I love being touched by Mum. I’m never happier than when we are connected. She’s the same. So, Mum was really apologetic that we couldn’t go to the beach. She weighed me while I was at the vet and I haven’t exactly gone down in weight either. That wasn’t good news. I was trying to argue my food could be increased again and now that I have to rest it’s actually going to be reduced! How bad is that?

Time together

We’re still having time together and to be fair Mum is pretty upset that I’m in pain. Bless she keeps offering to lift me to stop me jumping. Have you ever tried to stop an Entlebucher jumping? It’s in our blood. We just can’t help ourselves. Anyway, I’m on anti-inflammatories and lots of cuddles. We’re going to see Grandpa today so at least I feel like I’m doing something. Sitting still just doesn’t come naturally to me.

Garden time

Mum and I are spending some time sitting in the garden too and that’s nice, but it’s not as good as going to the beach would have been. I suppose I feel a bit more sorry for Aristotle now and realise how hard life must be for him. Perhaps I’ll start being a bit nicer to him.



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