Exciting News – Sunday 26th May 2019

Exciting News

Oh this is such exciting news. My niece, Sybil, has mated with Eiger. We have been waiting for good news for days and are so happy that everything seems to be working out for them. I just can’t wait to hear if she’s pregnant, but will have to be very patient now. I’m guessing she will go for her scan at around five weeks so until then we just have to wait for news while she puts her paws up. This is a picture of the happy couple.

Visiting Granny

It’s all a bit odd for me at the moment as I’m going up and down the motorway with Mum to visit Granny and Grandpa. It took me ages to believe that Grandpa wasn’t at home and I just kept looking for him everywhere and expecting him to come into the room. I did at least get to see Granny, but then when they went to the hospital to see Grandpa I had to wait in the car. Mum had to make sure she could get a parking space in the sheltered car park where I would be perfectly safe and the car would not heat up. She left the window open for me too, so I was fine – it was just odd. I shall be doing the same again on Monday too.

Garden Day

Today, as long as the weather holds will be a garden day. Mum says we both need to put our feet up and relax a little bit. I think I’ve persuaded her to sit and rest with me rather than do any work and she might even read a book to me, which would be fun. Alfie’s the only one she’s really read to in the past, so I’d like it if she does.



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